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Who am I?
Is there a higher purpose?
How do I become enlightened?


Are you one of those people who believe that, as the generally sapient species that we are, we must be capable of more? Maybe these are some of the big questions that may have captured your attention over the years?

Personal Spiritual Growth is, in one form or other, appealing to most of us. It's intrinsic to the Human condition. Sure, many wouldn't use that catch all title, but who doesn't want to be stress free, empowered in the workplace or comfortable in their self image?

There is often a resistance to terms like Spiritual Growth, because of associations we have made to that kind of terminology. After all, it's all about tree huggers getting their inner child to find peace with their spirit animal under the guidance of some guru type who claims to be channelling a 3000 year old prophet from the planet Ogg, isn't it? Doesn't it require you to exchange all you know about your universe for a belief in chakras and crystal healing and angels and the tarot? Won't they try to convince you to swap your widescreen television for a feng shui water feature, scented candles and a black and white art print of some pebbles? And yet somehow you also can't escape the belief that perhaps we have the potential to be something more than a semi intelligent mammal existing in a convenient societal construct?

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Does your inner cynic recognise itself in any or all of the above?

Fancy personal development without the emperor's clothes?

If the idea of a more grounded approach to spiritual growth appeals, then The University of Fools may just be the starting point for your own journey.


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Our mission is to create an environment in which we can explore what it is to be human, bringing sense and understanding to your ongoing relationship with the universe.

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