meet the author

As he reaches his 50th year, Mike Saville has decided the time is now right to begin the process of bringing a sense of order to over thirty years of study, contemplation and practical endeavours. From the earliest scratchings and musings of a curious mind to many successful workshops on Personal Development, there is a rich seam being opened up here for others to explore.

He spent many years in the post compulsory education sector, with a goal of minimising the barriers to learning. Exploring the new technologies at the earliest stages of eLearning, including one of the first virtual learning environments in the UK, Mike spent over a decade teaching the teachers how to better engage their learners in a digital age, without losing touch with the Human spirits entrusted to them.

Mike leads a modest life in the North East of England. This isn't the kind of evangelical spin designed to con you out of your hard earned dollars with the promise of unimaginable wealth in order to fund his millionaire lifestyle. There is no aports car or Malibu beach house. There is no secret offshore business in the Caymen Islands. There is a merely a man who loves what the abundant universe shares with him, and is dedicated to a reciprocal return.


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