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As a species, surely we're destined to reach a more profound understanding of our place in the universe than our television viewing habits may suggest. However, in our urgency to become the enlightened being, we neglect the mastery of those faculties we already have.

It is a symptom of our world and the need for immediacy that we have become accustomed to. In a time when supermarkets sell pre-peeled oranges, a 45 second advert break during a TV programme is too long to sit through and coffee shop’s idea of a cup of tea is giving you a paper cup filled with hot water, a teabag and plastic carton of UHT milk, the question to be asked is simple:

Would we know a Divine revelation if it turned up on our doorstep with placards?

And so we begin with an induction...

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This inaugural course takes a step sideways, perhaps even backwards, and strips bare many of the preconceptions about personal development. It introduces tools to assess where we are presently, make efficient use of the tools the universe has already given us, and prepare properly for the journey ahead.

This foundation programme brings together the three interlocking threads of Protection, Projection and Detection, The triad with which all subsequent courses within The University of Fools are woven. We examine the subtle and not so subtle interactions we have between the universe and ourselves, starting with our own perceptions of who we are.


This programme is a platform from which we can build our understanding of our place in the universe.
- It explores the subtle signals and subliminal processes we are constantly bombarded with on a daily basis, and helps raise our ability to recognise and understand them.
- It examines the relationship between our automatic and subconscious processes and how they are interpreted by our conscious minds.
- It doesn't profess to show you how to communicate with your spirit guides, your angels, your sacred animals your ancestors or any other extradimensional beings.
- It does however endeavour to show you something equally profound- how you communicate with yourself.

There are four units to The Induction Programme. Delivered approximately two weeks apart, each unit is comprised of courseware presented both as webpages and as printable pdf documents that you can collect into one handy volume. 
Time is given between units to allow enrollees time to work on and familiarise themselves with the content, and share their findings either within the site or in our private Facebook group. At the end of each unit there is an opportunity to chat with the course author before moving on with the programme.
Enrolment on the programme includes all four units as a single fee.


the action or process of inducting someone to a position or organisation.

or perhaps...

the production of an electrical or magnetic effect through the influence of a nearby magnetically or electrically charged body without actual contact.