what is the university of fools?

First, an admission. We accept that calling the project a University of Fools may not be the best commercial move ever.

But that's fine, because sometimes things are more important than reeling in consumers, and in this instance that includes the five Fools that make up this Fools' Journey. In the most simple terms, they represent the guides, the signposts we meet as we journey through life, and our teachers if we take notice.

OK. That bit out of the way, let's move quickly on.

If The Fools' Journey is an exploration of the universe and the individual's place within it, then the University of Fools is the place in which that knowledge, wisdom and experience is condensed into the observable, learnable objectives from that Journey. It is a comprehensive yet flexible study programme with the aim of providing an untainted platform from which the learner can pursue their own personal journey toward a more enlightened state.

The University of the Fools' Journey represents an in depth continuous personal development programme in which we explore the Human Condition and how we as individuals grow within the world around us. It will be a growing, living and wide-ranging programme for guided self discovery.

And, like any university, that starts with an Induction Programme.


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